After a long struggle with occupation, Palestine and its people are finally liberated, they return home to find the remains of what the soldiers destroyed, with only a few exceptions remaining intact, including an ancient mighty olive tree that stood proud and strong,  known as Um Al-Zaytoun, or Mother of Olives. 

Play as Nour, a young adult who returned to Palestine with their Teta, or Grandma. Discover the story and struggle of the Palestinian people after the Nakba while recreating products from the olive tree made by traditional means.


Mouse - Left click & drag

PlatformsWindows, Android, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsRafif Kalantan, ashlit1998


Um Al Zaytoun - Windows 47 MB
Um Al Zaytoun - Android 88 MB


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The storyline beautifully captured the resilience and strength of the Palestinian people after the long struggle for liberation. The discovery of Um Al-Zaytoun, the Mother of Olives, added a poignant touch, symbolizing endurance in the face of destruction.

The gameplay allowed me to delve into the rich history and culture of Palestine, exploring the challenges faced by its people post-liberation. The focus on recreating products from the ancient olive tree through traditional means added an educational and heartwarming aspect to the game.

Navigating through the emotional journey with Teta, or Grandma, provided a personal connection to the characters and their experiences. The attention to detail in depicting the remains of the war-torn land and the few resilient structures, like Um Al-Zaytoun, added depth to the narrative.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the game's unique blend of storytelling, cultural exploration, and the hands-on experience of recreating traditional products from the olive tree. It left a lasting impression, making it a truly memorable gaming experience.


I appreciate the light, diegetic interactions that help serve the feeling of being with someone else while discussing difficult things. Also fantastic to see more about Palestinian culture. Thank you for making this!